Escaped from death accident, Rooney’s wife secretly feels happy?

Coleen Rooney, who is the most popular WAGs in the United States, has just experienced a bad accident, and is certainly very tense. Where the wife of Wayne Rooney has just been spared from a severe injury and even escaped death after a horror accident near his residence in Washington DC.

Luckily for her to escape a serious injury, and the Honda CRV, which was a car of Coleen’s wife reportedly destroyed. Based on police investigations, Coleen had a horror accident. But, fortunately Coleen survived without scratches, even though one side of the car that was boarded was falling apart.

“Clearly she was shocked at the time, but Coleen was only grateful that no one was hurt. This is really strange, but I’m happy to be able to escape a horror accident, “Coleen said.

Who would have thought if it turns out secretly Coleen raises a happy reaction that is known to get a new vehicle. In a confession, Coleen actually hated that cheap car she was driving, and happened to be the car that had an accident.

“She prefers an expensive Range Rovers than a Honda. She told her friends that she was secretly happy to throw it away.”

Deeper said that Coleen and her small family had just moved from England to the United States in September 2018. This certainty refers to Rooney’s long-term contract with his new club, DC United.

So far, the Rooney family has never been separated from hot gossip. After being involved in drunken cases in the plane, this latest Rooney claimed to have had an affair with one girl at a nightclub.

The case itself is in the process of being investigated by Coleen, and it is known that his wife felt furious and was ready to return to England to arrange a divorce with her husband, who had been married for the past 6 years. As for Rooney, who is now better known as a man who likes to get drunk and most often plays with women.

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