Espargaro impressed by Rossi’s love for MotoGP

Aleix Espargaro was both impressed and amazed by the fact that Valentino Rossi was still motivated to become a MotoGP rider, even though he was 41 years old.

The racer nicknamed The Doctor is already 41 years old, but his fate next season is still a mystery. The reason is, Valentino Rossi has certainly been kicked out of the Yamaha Monster Energy Team, where his position will be replaced by Fabio Quartararo next season.

After officially kicked out, many thought that Rossi would decide to hang his helmet or retire. It is indeed possible that could happen, but the Italian rider himself admitted that he still opened the opportunity to continue competing again next season.

Yamaha itself is also ready to facilitate Rossi with their mounts, it’s just not with the Monster Energy Yamaha team but with the Yamaha SRT Petronas team.

Motivation owned by the Doctor makes many people feel amazed, how the Italian rider was still excited despite being 41 years old. Aleix Espargaro cannot understand the reason behind the VR46 madness.

“Vale has a love for MotoGP that I can’t even understand. It was amazing to see him so fond of motor racing, and his motivation was truly amazing. This is truly worth admiring, “said Espargaro, who will turn 31 in July.

It is undeniable that the fact that Valentino Rossi seems to have decreased performance at his age now. He is difficult to compete to become world champion again. In fact, only one more title to fulfill his predicate as world champion 10 times.

But Espargaro has another view, according to him not Valentino Rossi has decreased performance, it’s just that other riders are increasingly able to compete at the same level as The Doctor.

“It is true that in the level of competition in the last few years he seems not the same Vale, but I do not feel he has decreased, but his rivals are raising the level of performance. He said.

Furthermore, Espargaro claimed to be ready to welcome Rossi again if next season he was still competing on the track.

If he wants to continue, I will welcome him. I myself am sure he still races, 100%, “he concluded.

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