Europa League not a place for Manchester United

World-renowned commentator, Paul Ince tries to give advice to Manchester United. He claimed that the Red Devils had to secure the position of the top four of the English Premier League, and then could be a competitor for the title next season.

Initially, the Red Devils had difficulty developing the game and the results were thrown out of the title race. But they are slowly able to return to competition in the top four places in the standings. Under direction of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, the Red Devils were able to cut their lag from the best English board clubs.

Apart from the instant improvement, the Red Devils are now returning negative results and seem to decline. The proof of his last four matches, Paul Pogba cs swallowed three defeats and one draw. The results provide an answer that Manchester United was thrown into sixth position.

Ince himself admitted that he would feel uncomfortable when he saw Manchester United thrown and illegitimate as well for those who competed in the second best European League caste stage next season.

“The big game is still waiting for them, where Manchester City are one of their opponents and if they want to secure a ticket to the Champions League they must achieve good results after this. All ways they must do so that the target is achieved. Yesterday’s defeat against Wolves was the reason they had to work harder after this,” said Ince.

The Champions League is one league that must be followed by Manchester United. When this happens, Ince sees Manchester United feel easy to attract world-class players to Old Trafford.

“Obviously the Champions League is Manchester United, they have to get away. Don’t get me wrong, Ole has done a fantastic job up to this point, but they have to complete the work they have started now. ”

“Not allowed to miss next season, and they are not legally absent from the competition. Not that I am disrespectful, but they have to bring in the biggest players to their club, and there are no big players who want to play in the Europa League, “Ince concluded.

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