Everton Soares interested in joining Manchester United

The impressive appearance of the Brazilian national team young midfielder, Everton Soares, in the Copa America 2019 now creating a new chapter for his future football career. Through his brief comments, the player claimed to have reached the point where his level of play had been able to compete on the European stage.

Everton Soares said that the club that was very suitable for him to play was Manchester United. Until now, Everton Soares was still a Gremio player. Now his name has been included in many of Europe’s elite club target list.

This latest, Everton Soares is increasingly courageous to express his dream in public, by stating that he has leveled up and is worthy of appearing in Europe. In the Copa America event, Everton Soares helped Brazil win 3-0 over Bolivia.

In the drama of this victory, Everton Soares played an important role in the process of the third goal as well as being the closing match of the continent’s biggest event. This goal also became his debut goal for the Brazilian national team in the international arena.

“I am a player who always tries to be at the top level [opponent’s defense area]. Then, I will cut from the left side with dribble and get a good result, “said Everton Soares.

At the moment of the development of this play, Everton Soares was so sure, he could fit on the European stage. In fact, even for big clubs. He felt there were a number of clubs that would suit his playing style, especially the Red Devils.

“There are many European clubs that have a playing style like me, maybe I will be suitable with Manchester United or maybe for other clubs,”

Despite repeatedly showing interest in docked to Manchester United, but until now there has been no official offer from the rich Premier League club. But what is certain now is the interest of the Italian Serie A club, AC Milan, who have actually thrown offers to Everton Soares agents.

Milan showed interest because they really needed it as the team situation was not good. Everton Soares who plays in the winger’s position is expected to help develop Milan’s game in the next season, which is claimed to be weak in the process of building attacks.

Actually Milan already has a number of wingers like Suso in the right sector, but in the left position Milan still doubt the player’s stock that is still there now. For this reason, they are looking for someone who is truly born as a winger and they see it in Everton Soares.

“They formed as a big European team, now we just have to see what will happen, but I am very happy because they are a really great team,” said Everton Soares to Milan.

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