Ex-Arsenal Women’s team player admits being a victim of sexual harassment

Alex Scott, who was listed as a former Arsenal women’s team player, tried a new challenge after deciding to retire at the end of the 2018 season. Now the career of the sexy black woman chose to be a commentator and football observer on BBC.

It has become her job every week for Scott to release all the scathing comments on every match she has won. But even a bad story happened, apparently through his scathing comments Scott instead got sexual harassment that came from netizen.

Evidently, on Scott’s twitter account was flooded with seductive comments from men. Many think that it was normal, because Scott always in sexy dress while on TV shows.

“Until now, almost every day I get sexual comments on Twitter,” Scott said when interviewed by one of the soccer media.

From many pressures that came in, Scott had thought she would close her personal Twitter account. Through a lot of consideration and support, finally the decision was not taken by Scott and only reacted with positive constructive thoughts.

“Arriving Christmas, everything becomes difficult. I thought about leaving Twitter. But I think, my presence on social media can strengthen relationships with fans, but if I close the account, I let them win, “Scott continued.

Scott, 40 years of her career as a female footballer for a long time. She recorded 140 caps with the England Princess National Team. For her resistance actions, Scott received respect for her courageous attitude against sexual harassment on social media.

“I once wrote something ‘Actually, I’m not going anywhere and I will do what I like.’ From then on, people on the street said the things I did were right,”

“They now turn around and watch me from television, even taking their sons. I was there and they said the way I did it was right to normalize the situation, “Scott concluded.

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