Ex-wife has a new BF, James Rodriguez jealous?

Daniela Ospina’s feelings may have flowed positively by being able to throw away all sweet memories with James Rodriguez. When deciding to divorce from the Colombian midfielder, Ospina is now open and daring to introduce her new BF.

Ospina is one of the important players in the Colombian Volleyball national team. The younger sibling of the Colombian national team player, David Ospina, surprisingly decided to marry James in 2011. Interestingly, the couple’s ages were still young, with James 19 and Ospina 18.

The result of the marriage trip between the two couples produced a daughter. Ospina herself can be claimed as one of the close witnesses of James’s career to date. The highlight of James’s own career was joining Real Madrid, and Ospina herself was the person who accompanied him.

But unfortunately of all these happy processes, the marriage of Opsina and James Rodriguez are not eternal. Both decided to divorce after six years of marriage. Really known to the public was on 27 July 2017, when they ventured.

As for the custody of his own child, he joined his mother in Medelin. Had moved to Bayern Munich, now James returned to Madrid, Spain. Interestingly from the story of the life journey of these two big stars is that after two years of separation, Ospina finally found her new lover.

It is known that Ospina’s lover now is not an athlete’s blood, but is the director and producer of music, Harold Jimenez. This status is known when Ospina has introduced the mysterious figure to the public. She invited him at her 27th birthday celebration, then uploaded a photo of the two of them to social media.

On the other hand, James himself already had a GF beforehand. After officially parting with Ospina, the player who is 28 years now, has been in a relationship with Shannon De Lima. Dissecting more deeply, Shannon is a sexy and famous model from Venezuela.

Although, she is older than James, but Shannon looks younger in terms of appearance and does not look 31 years old. Shannon herself is a widow with a child, where she is a former wife of an American singer, Marc Anthony, who was officially divorced in February 2017.

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