Extraordinary! Lionel Messi has collected 600 goals in his number 10 Barcelona shirt

Lionel Messi has again proven that he is still very reliable. His single goal led Barcelona to win over Levante, and even more amazingly it was the 600th goal the captain recorded for the Catalan giants with the number 10 jersey.

Barcelona itself met with Levante in the Spanish La Liga at dawn WIB (14/12). In this match, the Catalan giants won by a narrow score of 1-0.

It was Lionel Messi who scored a goal midway through the second half to continue Frenkie de Jong’s assist. This goal seemed to break the deadlock after Barcelona created many opportunities in the match.

Indeed, these points are very important for Barcelona, ​​but they still have to work even harder because currently the club is still ranked 8th in the standings.

But apart from that, Lionel Messi, who scored the only goal, immediately became the center of attention after the match.

How come? As reported by the official Barcelona Twitter account, Messi’s goal against Levante turned out to be La Pulga’s 600th goal in the jersey number 10 at Barcelona.

In total, Messi scored 642 goals in total while defending Barcelona, ​​equaling the record for goalscoring from Brazilian legend Pele when he played for Santos.

In addition, another milestone noted by Messi is that now the 33-year-old has scored the opening 100 goals for Barcelona on the La Liga stage.

Not only that, Messi has now also contributed to 900 goals for Barcelona, ​​consisting of 642 goals and 258 assists in all competitions.

Meanwhile, in the match against Levante yesterday, Lionel Messi was directly involved in 15 Barcelona shots, with details of 12 shots from his feet, and the other three were key passes.

These nicks seem to silence Messi’s critics who say that the Argentine superstar is not as sharp as he used to be at the age of 33 years.

Unfortunately, maybe Messi and Barcelona’s togetherness will end soon in 2021, considering that his contract will also end at that time.

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