Fabio Quartararo denies inspired by Jorge Lorenzo’s racing style

Many consider Fabio Quartararo to have a racing style similar to the former Repsol Honda Team Rider, Jorge Lorenzo. El Diablo admitted that, but that does not necessarily mean that he was inspired by the Spaniard.

Fabio Quartararo, 21, has indeed attracted public attention since his appearance together with the Yamaha SRT Petronas Team. Some senior riders like Valentino Rossi even assume the French Rider has a racing style similar to Jorge Lorenzo.

The same thing was also said by Wilco Zeelenberg, a figure who had been racing coach Jorge Lorenzo in the period 2010 to 2016 and now mentoring Quartararo.

“Fabio has a good connection with gas. Jorge may be a rider who is very similar to him. Fabio’s racing style is very similar to Jorge’s, but also different in some areas. Fabio is very special and I think he is a combination of several different riders, and this is good, “said Zeelenber.

This assumption cannot be denied by this 21-year-old racer. However, he felt it was the best way to ride the YZR M1 on the track, and claimed not to be inspired at all from Jorge Lorenzo’s racing style.

“Some people say that my racing style is similar to Jorge’s racing style. But for me this is indeed a natural way to drive an M1 like that. I’m not inspired by certain riders, “said el Diablo.

Nevertheless, El Diablo admitted that he would continue to study Jorge Lorenzo’s data and statistics, especially when he was still defending the Tala Fork Manufacturers in the 2008 to 2016 period.

“We only got data from 2019, but I’m interested in seeing Jorge’s data. Just to compare and see where he brakes, how to maintain the rhythm of the bend, “he said late last year.

In that period, Jorge Lorenzo did manage to become world champion in three consecutive editions. Now, Quartararo is determined to follow the lead of the senior.

Next season, El Diablo will certainly no longer defend the Petronas Yamaha SRT team. He has already reached an agreement with the Yamaha Monster Energy Team.

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