Fabio Quartararo feels anxious need to “work hard” for adaptation

After passing the pre-season trials with satisfying results, Yamaha SRT Petronas rider Fabio Quartararo looks disappointed with the suspension of the season. Precisely, the French rider was worried, if he had to repeat the adaptation process again.

The first few MotoGP series in the 2020 season have indeed been officially suspended or postponed. The reason, of course, is none other than Coronavirus which has become increasingly craze in various parts of the world.

The outbreak did not just make the MotoGP title 2020 season delayed, but also forced the Riders to remain at home to prevent the spread.

With the policies of the respective state governments, it means that the Riders can no longer train on the Circuit, they can only maintain fitness with physical exercise and the gym.

Regarding this, Fabio Quartararo looked disappointed, because after all the training on the circuit is the best for the Rider.

“Obviously this virus is a big problem, but the most important thing is to keep 100% fit and everyone healthy. Physically, you can do whatever you want at home: workout in the gym, motocross, flat track, but nothing can rival the speed of a MotoGP motorcycle, “El Diablo said via MotoGP.com.

The first series of the 2020 season is planned to be held in May. That is, the riders still have more time to vacation.

Even though it sounds fun, Quartararo feels anxious if he has to repeat the adaptation process again with his new ride, YZR-M1.

“To be comfortable again in various situations, we also have to adapt again and it will be difficult, because we are resting for more than two months. It’s not easy, but in the first race, everyone will be happy, “said the 20-year-old rider.

But however, this young racer claimed to remain ready to face challenges in the first race later.

“I feel ready, I did a lot of cardio, motocross, flat track, and rope training. We’ll see, but we are working very well during the preseason and I want to continue,” he concluded.

Meanwhile, the first series will be held on May 1 to 3, 2020 at the Jerez Circuit, Spain.

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