Fabio Quartararo’s determination: deliver Yamaha back to the top position

The newest racer from the Monster Energy Yamaha Team, Fabio Quatararo, promised to bring the Tala Fork Team back to the top position on the MotoGP stage for the upcoming 2021 season.

As is known, the appointment of El Diablo as a new member of the Monster Energy Yamaha Team has been announced since 2020 yesterday. The Yamaha Factory Team officially tied the rider from France with a two-year contract.

That way, this is the first time for Quartararo to defend the Factory Team in the MotoGP arena since his debut in 2019.

Of course being a first team racer is not an easy role, as with him there are higher expectations than when he was still defending the Satellite team.

Especially when he was still defending the Petronas Yamaha SRT Team last season, Quartararo won three victories and perched at the top of the standings in the first nine series.

Talking about this through his personal Twitter account, the French racer admitted that he would be more serious about looking at the 2021 season campaign and couldn’t wait to get back to work after two months of enjoying his vacation.

“Hi, everyone! Happy New Year! This is the first time I talk to you as a Yamaha factory team racer. I have been waiting for this moment to happen, and I can’t wait to start the season with Monster Energy Yamaha,” he said.

“My resolution in 2021 is to fight for the world title, try to bring Yamaha to the top, and I will try my best to be at the top. See you!” Quartararo wrote via his twitter account.

During the last two seasons, Quartararo himself is known as one of the emotional Rider figures, in other words he is quickly provoked by emotions.

The person concerned admitted this, but he admitted that he had met with a psychologist to resolve it.

“I want to improve my emotional side, on the motorbike, in the garage and outside the garage. This will be very important. I have started to learn to be calmer and less mindful. But obviously, I have to see a psychologist.”

“I’ve been going several times, but this time it will be more intensive, because the slightest difference can make a big difference,” he said via Autosport.

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