Failed as a Wildcard Rider, Lorenzo learnt big lessons

The disappointment still felt by Jorge Lorenzo is related to the fact that he was canceled as a Wildcard rider in MotoGP this season. However, the man from Spain claimed to remain calm, after all he felt he would not be fit if forced to go down to the real race.

The plan, Jorge Lorenzo is down as a wildcard rider in this season’s campaign. If it goes according to schedule, it is planned to go down in the Catalunya Series beginning in June 2020, but we know the series was officially postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Even so, there really was a plan for Lorenzo to go down in the other series, but that hope seemed to have vanished. The GPC decided that wildcard participation in all classes was temporarily removed for this year, in an effort to minimize the number of paddock personnel present during the race.

Obviously Lorenzo was disappointed with the decision, but he was also not sure he could be in a fit condition without testing.

“They (GPC) decided that wildcards would not participate. On one hand, I was disappointed because I really wanted to race. But on the other hand, without a lot of trials before the race, I’m not sure I can look competitive,”

“So, it’s not a good idea to race right away and do a wildcard. I’m not sure it will be competitive. So, I am sad, because I want to do it in a proper way: try it first, find comfort on the motorcycle, and then compete, “said Lorenzo.

KTM has held a closed trial some time ago, Jorge Lorenzo also hopes that Yamaha will do the same. He could not wait to try the circuit again, even though it was held in private.

“So I hope we can immediately test it, maybe at Motegi or others. I really hope to test, because I really had fun in Sepang, I had fun with the team for 3-4 days, and I look forward to it, “concluded Lorenzo.

It is not impossible that Yamaha will also hold a closed trial before the MotoGP season is actually rolled out again. Moreover, it is planned that MotoGP will be rolled out starting next July 2020, without spectators and the minimal number of paddock personnel.

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