Failed in Europa League Champion, Ozil was criticized for his attitude!

Eidur Gudjohnsen became one of the many football lovers, who blatantly criticized Mesut Ozil‘s attitude, when Arsenal lost 4-1 to Chelsea in the 2018-2019 Europa League final, on Thursday, 30 May 2019.

In this hot match, England has showed Arsenal who were helpless to face the relentless onslaught of Eden Hazard CS in the second round. The first round was balanced with both teams playing neatly and taking turns attacking each other.

This moment is actually one of Arsenal’s last opportunities to be able to head to the Champions League next season. After failing to secure the top four of the Premier League, winning the Europa League is the only way left for Arsenal, but unfortunately, everything is just a memory.

Interestingly here when dissecting an Arsenal star figure, namely Mesut Ozil who once again invited controversy. Overall before being pulled out, Ozil played very poorly and did not make a significant contribution.

The continued decline in performance made Unai Emery forced to pull Ozil, when the remaining 15 minutes of the match and the score was 4-1 for Chelsea’s victory. Strangely here, when his team was defeated, Ozil who was supposed to get out of the field quickly, was slow to walk as if waiting for applause from his own supporters.

“One thing you can say when you are a coach, you are 4-1 behind in the final, you pull Ozil out and he walks at the slowest pace like waiting for the apparatus to stand. Sorry, if it were me, I would be very embarrassed. “I should have lowered my head and I ran quickly to leave the field,” said Gudjohnsen.

“He’s a quality player, but as a coach I can’t see that attitude on my team,”

Losing in the Europa League final from Chelsea was the first for Emery. He successfully won three editions of the Europa League in a row while still handling Sevilla. But unfortunately the blessing of luck did not go as expected this time.

Another note is for Arsenal, who will be the lucky third season for those who will compete in the Europa League stage. For Arsenal’s class team to play in three lucky seasons the Europa League is a big failure.

Emery is still considered good, even though she can’t provide instant changes. But the positive is that he can show Arsenal’s quality, and that they need to develop. Apart from that, Emery claimed to only be capitalized on small budget to fight in the transfer market next season.

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