Failed to gatecrash the 2019 Copa America Final, Kinsey Wolanski ended up in jail

Kinsey Wolanski almost made a second embarrassing action if plans to disrupt the 2019 Copa America Final were unknown to the police. Luckily for the Brazilian Football Federation that the intention of the sexy woman from the United States had already leaked so that the final yesterday went smoothly and safely.

If we dissect the figure of Kinsey Wolanski, then football lovers will know her. This is not separated from the action of Kinsey Wolanski who successfully disrupted the running of the 2018-2019 Champions League Final between Tottenham and Liverpool in Madrid, Spain.

At that time, the game had only been running for the first half, then suddenly Kinsey Wolanski running into the Wanda Metropolitano field. Shamelessly, Kinsey Wolanski entered and ran by wearing only a minimalist swimsuit.

Through this crazy action, Kinsey Wolanski must receive a sentence of imprisonment for five hours through the decision of the Spanish police. Not only that, she also had to pay a fine of 15 thousand Euros. The reckless actions of Kinsey Wolanski based on her intention in promoting adult sites belonging to her lover, who came from Russia.

If it is interpreted easily, Kinsey Wolanski wants to advertise for free. This business is arguably very successful, the aura of Kinsey Wolanski’s astonishment is increasing. Likewise, the lover’s site, which according to the news from TalkSPORT, received an income of 3.8 million Pounds.

The coffers of the easily generated profits turned out to make Kinsey and her boyfriend, Vitaly Zdorovetskiy, increasingly excited and challenged to do it again and again. This issue also gave confidence to Kinsey Wolanski that she was not afraid to return to prison.

Then who would have thought if the two hot couples targeted the 2019 Copa America final between Brazil and Peru held at the Maracana Stadium, Rio de Janeiro, on 8 July 2019. Even though, it was ripe with the plan, it had to be accepted openly that it had failed.

This failure was inseparable from the performance of the Brazilian Police in detecting attempts to disrupt the final party. Not last long, Kinsey Wolanski finally had to go back to the prison, because it was proven intending to disrupt the game.

“I admit the Copa America you will win, but we experienced an extraordinary adventure. Flying to Brazil, dressed in disguise, made it to our seat and ended up in Vitaly’s bad ass that was overrun by 20 security guards. We are out of prison and are now enjoying our time in Brazil!” wrote Kinsey Wolanski on her personal Instagram account while informing her that she was back in prison.

The Champions League Final between Tottenham vs Liverpool is indeed the beginning of the career point of Kinsey Wolanski increasingly famous. After the moment ended, the sexy American woman claimed to have been tempted by the Reds retainer.

Based on the recognition of Kinsey Wolanski, there are several Liverpool players who send private messages through Instagram with content inviting dating and closed meetings in the hope of having sex.

“No, I don’t want to give the player the name, but the two Liverpool players sent me a personal flirtatious message after I interrupted the game. One sends several heart emojis and the other sends a message, ‘I see you in the match’,” Kinsey Wolanski wrote.

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