Fake or genuine tears, WAGs of Icardi cries in the public?

Mauro Icardi finally rejoined the Inter Milan squad after two months out, because he never finished extending his contract. The player’s contract will expire in the upcoming 2021 season.

Inter’s plan actually wanted to extend Icardi’s contract, but the party of the player refused it for various reasons. Speculation of the player’s career continues to be a question, although Wanda Nara as the agent and wife of Icardi insists he will stay in Italy next season.

“He still scored. He keeps moving forward because he is the strongest in his family. He feels more calming now. He embraced all of his teammates because he always had a great relationship with everyone,” Nara said.

“We can be sure that we will stay in Italy next season,” concluded the word from Nara while shedding tears because he felt something was blocking.

Nara suddenly become uncontrolled when she is claimed to have a bad relationship with Icardi’s sister, Ivana. She blamed Ivana for Icardi’s problem at Inter Milan, as the captain’s armband was removed from Icardi’s arm.

The interesting part of this confusion was when Ivana attacked Nara by claiming Icardi’s wife could not be separated from her ex-husband, which was known by Ivana that Nara had no brain because she often called her ex-husband.

“We are clearly not magicians, we always think of family and help them. Ivana came to my house a few months ago and we opened the door for her and her boyfriend, who is also a soccer player,” said Nara.

“Ivana is not sincere. Mauro is a great guy, he not only helps the family, but he also helps people we don’t know. He thoughtlessly gave the car to help him. He talked badly about his brother, it was priceless,” closed Nara.

So far there is no certainty whether Icardi will stay with Inter next season or really leave the San Siro. This season is actually a good season for the player, he successfully scored 16 goals in 32 appearances with Inter in all competitions.

Apart from these positive notes, Icardi’s name was mentioned as the target of many European elite clubs such as Manchester United, Barcelona, Paris Saint Germain, Real Madrid and also Juventus.

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