Family’s statement about the death of Glenn Friedly

The news of Glenn Friedly’s death had provoked questions from the public about the cause of his death. However, the new family can speak up a day later.

Glenn Friedly died on April 8 yesterday, Wednesday evening at around 6:40 WIB. The news of his death gave rise to confusing information regarding the cause of death. Some even link Glenn’s death with the Coronavirus in Indonesia.

After a day of unclear issues that continued to be heard, the family finally gave a clear explanation.

It was explained that the singer and songwriter had indeed been treated for the past three days because he felt he could not stand the pain he felt on the head. Previously, he could withstand the pain and move as usual.

“He had complained about this disease some time ago, but was still able to move as usual. One last month, Glenn began to feel uneasy about his illness so he decided to undergo hospitalization,” Mozes Latuihamalo wrote as a representative from the family

During the hospitalization that took place at one of the hospitals in the Cilandak area, South Jakarta, Glenn was invited to communicate as usual, until finally he died on Wednesday.

“Even though his condition has declined over the last three days, he is still able to interact until he finally exhales last,” he said.

In closing, Mozes asked Glenn’s relatives and fellow musicians in Indonesia to give their prayers to the deceased. In addition, Glenn’s funeral process will be held behind closed doors following government regulations in the midst of the Corona Virus pandemic.

“We hope that mourners do not attend the funeral procession because of the current circumstances that are not possible,” he said.

Glenn himself died after only seven months of marrying a beautiful artist, Mutia Ayu. During this time, Glenn is known as a musician who appreciates differences and likes to help others. According to information that was heard, Glenn had meningitis.

The disease that attacks the brain is also the cause of the death of young Indonesian Comedian, Olga Syahputra a few years ago. For information, this disease can be caused by bacteria, viruses or fungi that spread to the brain.

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