Fernando Torres plans to become a coach?

The former Chelsea player, Fernando Torres, spoke about the news that he was going to enter the managerial world to become a football coach after retiring.

For information, the former Liverpool star actually decided to hang up boots since a year ago. His career ended with the Japanese club, Sagan Tosu.

When he was still actively playing, Torres had defended a number of European giants, with the beginning of his career starting with Atletico Madrid. He played for Liverpool for four seasons, then move to Chelsea and AC Milan.

After hanging up boots, the fact is that El Nino is still unemployed until now. Even so, he admitted that he would soon return to being involved in football by becoming a manager.

“Today marks one year since I retired from football. I admit that when I was active I didn’t realize how quickly time passed, ”

“I’m getting used to a new reality. I assume that I am no longer a football player, while at the same time I will be a coach, “wrote Torres on his Instagram account.

Torres’s golden career actually took place while he was still defending Liverpool. There he scored many goals until he was adored by the kopites. On the one hand, he was also labeled a traitor, because he decided to join a rival club, Chelsea.

Despite this fact, Torres remains delighted to see his former club win the first Premier League title in their history.

“In addition, we have celebrated that our beloved Liverpool has won the Premier League after 30 years and unfortunately football is played without supporters in the stands, an element that makes this sport so special.”

However, Torres also asked every supporter not to recklessly celebrate the title in the midst of a pandemic like this by taking to the streets.

“In the midst of it all, we are experiencing a pandemic that has destroyed thousands of families. For this reason, the only thing I ask of you is that you take responsibility and stay safe and sound. My best wishes to everyone. ” The lid.

During his time as a Liverpool shirt, Torres did not in fact win any titles. He only won prestigious titles while defending Chelsea, to be precise the European Champions League title in 2012.

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