Few days of self-quarantine: Marc Marquez feels so boring

Self-quarantine by staying at home is the most appropriate solution to stop the spread of Coronavirus today. However, this is boring for some, not least the Spanish rider, Marc Marquez.

Coronavirus pandemic is indeed not to be underestimated. Formerly many people underestimated it, but now this virus has become a pandemic that is very threatening for anyone and anywhere.

In fact, this virus has penetrated many European countries, including Spain. In the State of Matador, more than 1,000 people have died because of it.

Along with the fact that no vaccine has been found to date, its spread cannot be stopped. Therefore, the Spanish government asks each of its citizens including Marc Marquez to quarantine himself independently by staying at their respective homes.

The Repsol Honda Rider admitted that at first he was normal, but staying at home turned out to be boring. He also hopes that this virus can be resolved quickly so that everything is back to normal.

“I am at home, like everyone else, undergoing quarantine. I want to get on a motorbike soon, but the most important thing is that I hope this situation will soon pass and the corona virus pandemic will soon be resolved.

“I thought it would be easier. For the first 2-3 days, I still held it. Several times my sister (Alex) “lent” my dog ​​to take them for a walk, but just a little. Hopefully everything will return to normal. The sooner the better, “he said as reported by Motosan (dot) ice.

Marquez himself actually benefited from the postponement of the MotoGP competition this season. Because he is recovering from a shoulder injury, his condition is not 100 percent fit. But now the conditions are much better, and hope to be fit when the first series is held in Spain.

“Gradually the better. Before quarantine, I had started motocross and flat tack exercises to re-activate the shoulder. “But obviously this injury gives me more problems than I thought, but I hope to arrive at the first race with the best conditions,” he said.

For information, the first series of this season will be held at the Jerez Circuit, Spain on 1 to 3 May 2020.

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