FIFA 19 cover change, CR7 disappear?

Lovers of the FIFA 19 game must have known what happened to the figure of Cristiano Ronaldo after the player was no longer on the front cover of the video game. It is known that CR7 is the figure who graced the cover of the game for quite a long time.

When the FIFA 19 game surfaced in September 2018 yesterday, the Portuguese striker became a star on the main cover. However, recently the main sponsor of the game FIFA 19, EA Sports decided to no longer use the services of Cristiano Ronaldo for the front cover of the FIFA 19 game.

The figure of Ronaldo emerged when his name shocked the world of football by running away from Real Madrid to Juventus. However, Ronaldo’s time has run out because he has been replaced with three world-famous players like Kevin De Bruyne (Manchester City), Neymar (Paris Saint-Germain), and Paulo Dybala (Juventus).

This change clearly invites many questions, especially for FIFA 19 game lovers. Next is the official answer from EA Sport regarding public questions that have been viral on social media.

One reason claimed to be the basis of the removal of Ronaldo’s cover was when in recent months Ronaldo became the main news in various world media regarding allegations of sexual abuse of women from the United States.

Despite the denial and the courage to pay fines for these charges, the FIFA 2019 developer, EA Vancouver, revealed the reason behind the replacement of the figure in the games. EA explained clearly that they were always following the development of the Cristiano Ronaldo case.

“With the Champions League going to EA Sports FIFA 19 this year, we have a unique opportunity to offer new content to players that reflect the enthusiasm of the real world of football,” EA told Eurogames.

“We always give appreciation to the talents in our sports games. And with the Champions League entering the knockout phase, we showcase some of the biggest stars of football and bring in new players that can generate enthusiasm. ”

The answer seemed formal, the EA was quipped with questions about Ronaldo. The following are their answers listed below:

“We follow all the progress of the allegations against Cristiano Ronaldo. We continue to monitor the situation, because we hope athletes who appear on the cover and become ambassadors to behave consistently according to EA values,” concluded EA.

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