FIFA ensures 2022 World Cup will be followed by 32 teams

FIFA has just released the certainty of the number of participants who will play in the upcoming 2022 World Cup. In its statement, FIFA has decided it would be filled by 32 teams, who were ready to show their best ability to become the champions.

Indeed, it was widely heard that FIFA had plans to increase the number of participants in the next World Cup. This is intended by FIFA to add more attractive competitiveness in the best tournament between the world countries.

The discourse was actually prepared for the upcoming 2026 World Cup. But FIFA President, Gianni Infantino said last year the plan could begin sooner to be held in Qatar in 2022.

It did not last long, the plan received opposition from various parties including from UEFA’s President, Alexander Ceferin, who claimed an act that was unreasonable and only forced. Cerefin was criticized by the end of 2018.

Now the public is wondering why the plan to add a team that was previously 32 teams will be 48 teams failed to materialize. Here’s the full explanation. For the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, Qatar’s preparation felt that there was not enough time to study the logistical impact of the expanded competition.

Not only that, the difficulties were clearly felt by them because there was none to get a neighboring country that would be invited to host together. So far, the preparation of Qatar has only been limited to preparing to welcome 32 teams. Since 2010, they have prepared all infrastructure including preparing eight stadiums to be used during the event.

“Therefore, the 2022 World Cup will remain as originally planned with 32 teams,” quoted from FIFA official statement.

FIFA’s statement was already official, so they targeted the 2026 World Cup in the United States, Canada and Mexico ready for 48 teams. If true, then this moment becomes a historic moment, because for the first time it was held in three different countries by presenting the world’s 48 best teams.

“FIFA and Qatar have jointly explored all the possibilities to increase the number of participating teams from 32 to 48 teams involving neighboring countries. Following a comprehensive and comprehensive consultation process. It can be concluded that in such a proposal it cannot be realized at this time.”

“In addition, FIFA and Qatar are once again exploring the possibility of Qatar hosting a 48-team tournament by specifically lowering certain key FIFA requirements. The joint analysis, in this case, concluded that because of the preparation stage and the need for a detailed assessment of the logistical impact on the host country, more time would be needed and decisions could not be made before the June deadline, therefore it was decided not to pursue options this is further,” FIFA’s closing statement.

Now in the system, to be able to enter the upcoming 2022 World Cup finals. The world’s best teams will continue to undergo their respective qualifying zones, the French national team which won the 2018 World Cup yesterday participated in the qualifying round.

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