Figure of Jose Mourinho according to Alexis Sanchez

Jose Mourinho may be one of the best managers in the world, but the Portuguese coach is considered by Alexis Sanchez as one of the culprits of his failure at Old Trafford.

Looking back, Mourinho is the person who brought the Chilean player to Manchester United in January 2018 from Arsenal. At that time, the two clubs agreed to make an exchange, with Manchester United releasing midfielder Henrikh Mkhitaryan in the opposite direction.
Seeing his neat performance while still costumed Barcelona and Arsenal, the Chile star is clearly expected to look brilliant too at Old Trafford.

However, the former Udinese player was actually having trouble scoring goals and recently suffered frequent injuries. Sanchez was even kicked out of United in the transfer market last summer, he was released to Inter Milan on loan for a season.

With this fact, many consider that Sanchez has indeed failed with his career at Manchester United. Related to this, the question concerned actually blamed his former coach, Jose Mourinho.

“Sometimes, I feel like I’m in a team but sometimes I’m not. As a player, you can lose confidence. Jose Mourinho creates an unhealthy atmosphere. “Sometimes I look good and score goals but he pulls me out,” Alexis Sanchez told BBC Sports.

As a player, Sanchez felt very disappointed because he was rarely given the chance to appear.

“I have been playing football since I was five years old and if the
ball is taken from me, it feels like I’m losing my pleasure,” he said.

Even so, the former Barcelona still has respect for Jose Mourinho who according to him is one of the world’s best coaches.

“I speak my opinion honestly. Mourinho is one of the best coaches in the world in terms of training, how he learns videos, how he handles things, “said Alexis Sanchez.

The future of Alexis Sanchez himself is still uncertain. Manchester
United do not seem interested in making it a mainstay again next season. While Inter Milan claimed unable to pay the salary Sanchez is too high.

It is believed, Sanchez will be the target of a number of Premier League midfield clubs next summer.

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