Figure of Lampard is the reason why David Luiz left Chelsea

The departure of David Luiz from Chelsea in the 2019 summer transfer market clearly invited many questions, and in the end, the question was answered already with the expression from the player himself that the reason for leaving was because of the part of the coach, Frank Lampard.

David Luiz is arguably one of the Blues’ mainstays. Counted in two times back and forth to strengthen Chelsea, the player managed to present the Premier League and Champions League titles.

The transfer market last summer was a surprise that Luiz left, the article Chelsea being hit by a transfer embargo penalty by FIFA. The public also believes that Luiz will be back guarding the heart of the Blues defense in the 2019-2020 season.

The public was surprised, because Luiz moved from Stamford Brigde with an official tag of 8 million euros. The move also occurred in the closing seconds of the transfer market. Since his status away from Chelsea, the player tried to cover up the reason he left.

Interestingly here when Luiz was unable to resist the reason for leaving, in this case he revealed that there was no compatibility with Lampard.

“This is an individual decision I made through honest talk between me and Frank Lampard, nothing else. Different future plans and that’s why I chose a new path individually. It’s difficult because of rivalry, but I decided to leave before even accepting an offer from Arsenal,” Luiz told a Brazilian journalist.

“When I was disappointed to leave, Arsenal’s proposal came, and they were another great club. I did not think twice,”

The issue of revenge with his status away from Chelsea, denied directly by him. In this case Luiz has no grudges against Chelsea, and also Lampard. However, he has long memories with the London club.

“There is always a heart for Chelsea, no doubt. A new moment came, a new turnaround where I had the opportunity to move to another big club, chasing ambitions to win titles,” Luiz continued.

“I see the opportunity to write stories in a new place, but I am forever grateful to Chelsea, to everyone, to every friendship for life,” he concluded.

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