Gisel Akhirnya Ungkap Alasan Mengakui Video Syur Dengan Nobu

Finally, Gisel Revealed The Reason For Admitting The Exciting Video With Nobu

In the end, Gisella Anastasia admitted that she was the female character in the Syur video that circulated some time ago, but at first she had intended not to confess.

This was said by Gisel when he was a guest star on Daniel Mananta’s YouTube Channel recently.

Initially, Gading Martin’s ex-wife got support from friends to lie to the public that she was not the woman in the video. However, because he was afraid of God, Gisel finally admitted it.

“So how can I possibly tell you to lie? How is it possible to be asked ‘that’s you, isn’t it?’ Then I said ‘no, it’s not me’, how could that be? ”

“I imagine when people ask me, then I say no, that’s my Lord also heard and he will be very disappointed if I decide to take it easy, take it safe,” said Gisel.

Gisel himself claims that now he is much closer to God, unlike when the video incident took place, where it is one of the mistakes he wants to forget.

Because of this, Gisel also admits that she is the female figure in the video and considers the ridicule and bad news about her to be a consequence.

“So yes, whatever the risks are up front, the important thing is that I walk according to the truth that God asks. So for all the risks I ask God to ‘help me too, how do I do this day by day, God please help me’ hehe,” he said.

Meanwhile, in her confession some time ago, Gisel said that the man in the video was her ex-lover, Nobu. The incident itself took place at a hotel in the city of Medan.

Nobu himself also said that what he was going through now was a consequence of his mistakes.

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