Fiorentina become barrier for Chiesa’s move to Juventus or Liverpool

The duo of big European clubs, Tottenham and Juventus are said to be competing strongly in matters of bringing in Fiorentina stars, Federico Chiesa. But recently, the intentions of these two clubs are certain to fail, because Fiorentina themselves rejected all upcoming offers.

Chiesa is right to be one of the most targeted players in the transfer market this summer, he successfully played consistently in two seasons with Fiorentina. At the age of 21 years, Chiesa was able to show his maturity by being the core player of Fiorentina and total 44 matches.

Note that the game was as if complete with 12 goals and nine assists. On that basis, Tottenham and Juventus deserve to get Chiesa’s signature. Investigated, Fiorentina blocked these two clubs, because they did not want to repeat the second mistake.

The mistake meant here is when Fiorentina easily released a classy player like Roberto Baggio to Juventus first. As a side note, when Fiorentina fans became brutal, because Baggio moved to Juventus in 1990 with a record transfer of 8 million Pounds.

That status also made the competition between Juventus and Fiorentina getting ‘hotter’. Their meeting continued to produce many polemics including the hunt for the Italian Serie A title.

“We will not do the same when we sell Baggio. Roby Baggio is the best player and they sell it only for money, “said a trusted source.

This statement was allegedly out of the voice of the important person Fiorentina, where Commisso as the president had made a firm statement that could make
Juventus and Liverpool bite their fingers. Even if the offer reaches 100 million Euros, Fiorentina will still reject it.

“I don’t know if there is a special clause to release Chiesa, but as far as I know, he is our core player and I will not sell him even for 100 million Euros!” Commisso said.

Commisso dared to declare fully to Fiorentina, and that meant he would not be half-hearted in building a team. Gradually and gradually, he wanted Fiorentina to become one of the teams considered in Italy and Europe.

“My dream is that this team can walk little by little and see what happens, but I want to do something for Florence and Fiorentina. I want to leave a special note here, “Commisso concluded.

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