Football without spectators couldn’t be long-term solutions

Former Arsenal legendary coach Arsene Wenger agrees with the match-less discourse in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. But, he worried that this would be a long-term solution, because it would reduce the ‘aesthetics’ of football.

All soccer competitions in almost all parts of the world have indeed been officially suspended because of the Covid-19 pandemic. In fact, there was a lack of clarity about the continuation of competitions in the European Continent.

Some of them have also officially ended the competition this season such as the Belgian Pro League, Dutch Eredivisie to French Ligue 1. However, slowly but surely there began to be a glimmer of hope of the soccer competition rolling again.

Bundesliga is a glimmer of hope, where since May 16 yesterday, the highest caste league in Germany was officially rolled out again. It is believed that several other competitions such as the Spanish La Liga, English Premier League and Italian Serie A have the opportunity to do the same.

Just like the German Bundesliga, the three top European leagues will also continue the competition without the presence of spectators in the stadium stands.

Arsene Wenger considers the idea to be the best solution at the moment, but he is afraid that similar ideas could be a long-term solution, because the pandemic has not subsided yet.

“This can be a short-term solution, but you can’t imagine the whole season being played without fans in the stadium,”

“Is this for the long term? Will this ruin the show if it is done in the long run without an audience? I’m sure about that, “Wenger told beIN Sports.

Nevertheless, the former AS Monaco coach still admits that holding a match without an audience is the best solution compared to other solutions.

“This is still the best way to reach a decision at the end of the season, better than other methods,” he concluded.

If it starts rolling again, it is likely that the remaining matches of the season will take place every day.

However, each team will not compete every day, maybe once every three days. This method is used to accelerate the end of the 2019/20 season campaign which is actually just a little more. For example, the Premier League has only 9 matches left this season.

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