Football without spectators is still better than nothing

It was UEFA President Alesandr Ceferin who revealed this. According to him, it would be better for football to continue rolling even without the presence of the audience.

As is known, football is entering a crisis. The Corona Virus pandemic has forced competition in almost the entire world to stop. In fact, UEFA also suspended the European Champions League and Europa League.

Now, after a month has passed, the top five European leagues have begun to look for solutions so that the competition can continue again. Because the suspension of competition made many clubs experience a financial crisis, as a result, not a few players who must feel the impact, their salaries are not paid.

Italian Serie A to the German Bundesliga are now designing plans to roll out the competition again starting in May 2020. Spanish La Liga has even allowed the club to hold a training, it’s just that they still have to obey the government’s call.

So, how are steps taken by UEFA to carry out similar movements? President Aleksander Ceferin acknowledged that the first priority was the health of everyone involved.

However, there are still considerations or efforts to find solutions so that competition can continue. Including one of them is to keep holding competitions without spectators.

“The priority is the health of fans, players and coaches. I’m an optimistic man, I’m sure there are a number of options that can make us start the tournament again and finish it, ”

“We might have to play a match without spectators, the most important thing is to keep playing that match.” Ceferin said to Corriere della Sera

Furthermore, Ceferin considered that the football competition without spectators could be an entertainment for the public during the period of independent quarantine at home by watching the match on a television screen.

“In the midst of these difficult times, football will bring excitement and a little normal sensation, even if only played on television,”

“Initially, yes I refused the match without an audience, but it’s better to play without an audience than not at all. Football will return emotions and joy to fans who really need it, “Ceferin continued.

Previously, UEFA had decided to postpone the Euro 2020 trophy until 2021.

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