For the sake of Juventus, Cristiano Ronaldo left Portugeese National Team

Cristiano Ronaldo, his age may not be young anymore, 33 years old, but his determination and ambition are still the same as before. Joined Juventus in the last summer, but this former Manchester United star has tried his best since the very first day, the proof he missed all the matches in the remaining 2018 with the Portuguese National Team so that the adaptation process with Juventus went well.

As is known, Cristiano Ronaldo joined Juventus in the summer transfer window through pockets of no less than 112 Million Euros from Real Madrid. Indeed, the fact is that Ronaldo is the world’s best player five times, and his productivity also need not be doubted, where the player managed to score 450 goals in his 9-year period with Real Madrid. Even so, in the beginning many doubted Ronaldo would appear moncer along with Juventus, following the fact that his age was no longer young, and the Italian Serie A was known as the most difficult competition for attackers.

But, in fact Ronaldo managed to silence the doubters by successfully recording 15 goals in a total of 24 appearances in all competitions with the Bianconneri. It must be said, productivity is inseparable from the process of adaptation of the player with Juventus, even to facilitate the adaptation process Cristiano Ronaldo to leave the international matches with the Portuguese national team in the remaining 2018 yesterday.

Cristiano Ronaldo later said that he had reached an agreement that he would not be involved with the Portuguese national team in the remainder of 2018, knowing that he needed an adaptation process along with a new club, a new country, new methods of work, new colleagues who were different from Real Madrid.

“It was agreed that I would not play [with Portugal] during the first round [club competition]. I am 33 years old, I have just moved from one country to another, with different methods of work, colleagues, professionals and individuals. I think that is the best option, “Ronaldo said to the record.

But Ronaldo is now ready to return to help the Portuguese National team,

“In 2019, I intend to return to help the coaching staff [Portugal],” said Ronaldo.

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