For the sake of sexy body, this figure putting her life at risk

Some celebrities consider their physical appearance to be everything to support their entertainment career. In fact, not a few are willing to do anything to look perfect, including doing plastic surgery.

As did a sexy actress Yazmin Oukhellou, who was willing to do plastic surgery to make her butt look bigger.

Yazmin told in an interview with New Magazine, that she was doing the operation in Turkey. Yazmin admitted that he did not think that the operation was actually so dangerous, it could even claim his life.

Moreover, after the operation, Yazmin had to wear special clothes to avoid something unwanted happening to his buttocks.

That experience made Yazmin feel traumatized, even since the operation in 2017 until now, her buttocks still hurt when being touched.

“To be honest, it really traumatized me. I didn’t think it could be that dangerous, because I didn’t see it and now I’d done it. Until now, it still hurts when I touch it,” she said.

Meanwhile, the surgical procedure performed is by suctioning fat in other parts of the body, where in Yazmin’s case, the patient chose to take fat from her stomach and then inject it into the buttocks to make him look big.

However, she did not realize that this process could be very dangerous, because the fat that enters the body can block blood flow and cause strokes and other diseases.

In fact, as reported by The Mirror, such a plastic surgery process has a death scale of 1: 3000.

Knowing now how dire the risks the operation could pose, Yazmin advised people not to follow in her footsteps.

“I don’t want people to do it because they feel I am charming and sexy after doing that. They have to see the risks and I ignore it at that time,” she said.

At that time, Yazmin admitted that he had to spend up to 3 thousand pounds or around 58 million rupiah. Even so, she admitted that she did not regret her decision.

“That’s very worrying. But there is always a risk for any procedure you choose,” she said.

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