Frank Lampard has a right to leave Arrizabalaga out

The future of Kepa goalkeeper Kepz Arrizabalaga in Chelsea is increasingly crowded by British media. His career at Stamford Bridge is at stake, because of failing to get the trust of Frank Lampard.

In fact, Chelsea had to spend quite a lot when recruiting Kepa from Athletic Bilbao in the summer of 2018. The Premeir League giants paid 72 million Pounds for the keeper. With these figures, Kepa even became the most expensive goalkeeper in football history.

He was recruited to replace the role of Thibaut Courtois, who at the time left Stamford Bridge to join Real Madrid. Obviously, Kepa is expected to replace the Belgian keeper.

But, since its inaugural season Kepa has not really met expectations. Even this season, he failed to win the trust of manager Frank Lampard.

Unfortunately, Kepa’s first season wasn’t really good, and now he hasn’t really won Lampard’s trust.

Initially, Lampard had believed in the ability of 25-year player, but slowly his decision changed. The Chelsea legend has more confidence in Willy Cabalero who is the second goalkeeper of the team.

These changes indicate Lampard’s doubts about Kepa. Related to this, Marc Bosnich claimed to know the situation experienced by the Spanish goalkeeper at this time.

“When big clubs who have competed for the title win the goalkeeper, they do it for now,”

“He hasn’t had a good enough season and the most important thing is that he’s involved in a dispute with the coach, which will make him slip.” the former Chelsea player told Sky Sports.

But he also understood the decision taken by Frank Lampard, after all it was not the manager who brought Kepa to Chelsea, so he was able to pull over the player.

“So I can fully understand if Lampard wants to improve his response so: ‘Listen, he’s not a keeper for me, I want somebody else’,”

“If that’s the case I think there will be a problem, because the club spends too much money on it. I don’t think they will be able to get that money back.” he concluded.

So far, Frank Lampard’s coach has still not been able to provide answers related to the future of Kepa at Stamford Bridge.

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