Frank Lampard should understand the risk of being a Chelsea coach

The 2020/21 campaign will start soon, of course this will be a real challenge for Frank Lampard as Chelsea coach. Although last season the results were quite good, but of course there is no excuse for next season’s campaign.

Lampard was appointed to replace Maurizio Sarri, who resigned as manager at the end of the 2018/19 season.

Of course, there is no excessive hope, apart from the fact that Lampard still lacks experience, also due to the fact that the club cannot recruit the player he wants due to the Transfer Embargo sanction from FIFA.

But in the end, the results given by Lampard were still quite satisfying, to be precise it was understandable. Chelsea are without a title, but the club reached fourth in the final standings without much change in their squad.

Next season the whole story will certainly be different, Lampard must work hard because public expectations are higher than before. Moreover, the club has spent a lot of money to buy a new line of players this summer.

If you fail at the end of the 2020/21 season, dismissal is the lightest risk as well as the heaviest risk that Lampard must face.

Regarding this, the club Legend, Tony Cascarino believes that Lampard has known the risks that lie ahead.

“Frank is clearly aware of the amount of pressure there is, but it is common for every Chelsea coach to face. If you were the Chelsea coach, you already knew that you might be the first coach to be sacked”

“Chelsea have even sacked a coach, who has done better than Frank in terms of championships. It’s not the same situation as Lampard now, but he clearly understands that,” Cascarino told talkSPORT.

Indeed, Lampard is a big Chelsea legend, but Cascarino is not sure that title can save him from being sacked.

“Will he get more time because of his status as a legend? No, he has no more power. Just look at the history of their club owner and how he manages this club, you can’t avoid it.”

“His status as a former Chelsea player and his hard work to maximize the young players to the first team last season, it is useless,” continued Cascarino.

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