Frenkie de Jong’s beautiful girlfriend enchanted men

Barcelona have just won the race for the young Ajax Amsterdam midfielder, Frenkie de Jong. Barcelona won the fight against the forces of Juventus, Manchester City and Paris Saint Germain.

De Jong will actually land at Camp Nou next season. The De Jong will spend this season with Ajax according to the agreement that happened with Barcelona.

Interestingly here when the empty bench in the VIP class will be filled by the figure of a beautiful and sexy woman who happens to be De Jong’s lover, Mikky Kiemeney. This sexy woman figure can certainly make men drool because they have charming beauty.

She is only 20 years old, but followers of the Kiemeney Instagram account have reached hundreds of thousands. De Jong managed to get Kiemeney’s heart after the woman broke up with a famous hocky player, who played at HC Den Bosch at the age of 17 years. Now Kiemeney is known as a celebrity who is active by often displaying her body sexiness.

Luckily for De Jong to have a loyal lover, it is proven that Kiemeney has survived starting from the player has not been famous until now. Counting the love stories of these two couples occurred in the era of high school, it was recorded that there were 4 years Kiemeney and De Jong knitting love.

Kiemeney’s form of loyalty can be seen from his recognition that he is ready to move to Barcelona to support De Jong’s career. Through his Instagram account, Kiemeney told me that he was ready to give his support for De Jong’s new career.

“On December 30, 2015, three years ago we went to the Camp Nou as fans and watched the match of your dream team. On January 23, today, the day you can tell the world that you will strengthen your dream team. You succeed in making dreams come true, “said Kiemeney’s writing on a personal Instagram account.

Kiemeney’s own career journey has been proven, yesterday’s 2018 season was chosen as the sexiest version of the FHM Dutch WAGs. In the voting session, Kiemeney collected 30,000 votes defeating a number of well-known WAGs such as Yolanthe Sneijder-Cabau and Monica Gueze.

If sorted globally, Kiemeney is ranked 38th in the world of sexiest women who are lovers or wives of world-class soccer players.

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