Gabriel Jesus joins Juventus? Why not!

Giovanni Branchini did not rule out an opportunity for one of his clients, Gabriel Jesus to join the defending champions Serie A, Juventus.

Gabriel Jesus himself is one of Brazil’s young stars that has been in the spotlight in recent years. His performance along with Manchester City is fairly consistent, since joining from Palmeiras in the summer of 2016 ago.

Since the beginning of his arrival, Gabriel Jesus was bought indeed to be prepared to be the successor to Sergio Aguero on the front lines of Citizen. The reason is because the Argentine player is getting older.

However, Gabriel Jesus even found it difficult to penetrate the first team for the past four years following Aguero’s still outstanding performance, so coach Pep Guardiola still chose him as the main striker.

For this reason, Gabriel Jesus is predicted to potentially leave the transfer market next summer.

Juventus is said to be one of the players’ most interested players because Cristiano Ronaldo is currently in need of a tandem right up front. In addition, Bianconneri is also trying to build a long-term squad.

Responding to the speculation, branchini as a Brazilian player transfer agent considers the idea could happen in the future.

“We are talking about great footballers and great clubs, anything is possible,” Giovanni Branchini told Calciomercato.

Nevertheless, Branchini did not want to force his will on Gabriel Jesus. He is even 100 percent supportive if indeed his client wants to stay at Etihad.

“I am sure he will remain in City as long as City wants it, as long as the team wants to maintain a certain type of profile,” Giovanni Branchini said.

But this move is very likely to occur. The situation is supported by the fact that Manchester City have been banned from playing in the European Champions League in the next two seasons in a row.

“The only hypothesis that I see is that if the owner has to reduce their commitment or ambition which I don’t think will happen he will accept separation, but he will never want to leave,” Giovanni Branchini said.

Meanwhile, Gabriel Jesus himself has scored 63 goals in a total of 168 appearances in all competitions for Manchester City.

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