Gading Marten ready to support Gisel in her sex video case

Since the sex video case involving his ex-wife, Gading Marten has chosen to be silent. But this time, the son of Roy Marten emphasized that he was ready to defend Gisel, because according to him, this incident would affect the growth and development of the daughter, Gempi.

Yes, finally Gading Marten talked about the case while attending a private television program recently. At that time, Gading admitted that this problem was also hard for him, not as Gisel’s ex-husband, but as Gempi’s father.

This is because according to Gading, one day Gempi will also be able to feel the impact of this case, whether in socialization or in the socialization of his future life.

“This last case is really tough because it affects Gempi, right? Someday,” said Gading Marten to Raffi Ahmad.

Even though he is no longer Gisel’s husband, Gading Martin is still ready to help his ex-wife about this sex video case, he even considers it a common problem, considering that they are both still obliged to care for gempi.

“I told Gisel, ‘Whatever happens, whatever you face in the future, I’m behind you, Sel. If you need anything, I will help you.’ No matter what, this will be our problem. Because we have a kid, “said Gading Marten.

However, Gading also emphasized that he had no intention of returning with Gisel, he really respects Wijin as Gisel’s current lover.

Gading is sure that Wijin will certainly support Gisel in a situation like this.

“That’s why when she has a serious problem, I’m sure Wijin really supports her. I as her ex-husband is behind them,” said Gading Marten.

As is well known, the case of the sex video was indeed horrendous in the Indonesian universe. Gisel herself was silent until finally she confirmed that the woman in the video was herself, while the male figure was Michael Yukinobu Defretes aka Nobu.

The two parties carried out the action in 2017 at a hotel in Medan City. They were both named suspects and are still undergoing the legal process to this day.

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