Gareth Bale Bicara Lagi Soal Balik ke Real Madrid

Gareth Bale Talking About Returning to Real Madrid Again

Tottenham Hotspur fans may be disappointed by Bale’s statement some time ago that the winger plans to return to Real Madrid when his loan spell ends in the summer.

Indeed, Bale has experienced a situation that can be considered bad over the last few years at Real Madrid, so it is only natural that the public thinks his move to Tottenham yesterday is the end of the story with Los Blancos.

Indeed, his status at Tottenham itself as a loan player from Real Madrid with a duration of one season, but most parties believe that Bale will really join Spurs permanently.

Tottenham Hostpur fans also hope so, especially seeing his recent performance which looks convincing.

Unfortunately, Bale even admits that he will return to Real Madrid in the summer, which means he will not continue his loan spell with Spurs, especially on a permanent basis.

This expression was clearly horrendous among fans and football observers. It was for this reason that Bale finally spoke up, explaining that it was his duty to return to the Santiago Bernabeu under a loan agreement.

“Going into the next season, legally the contract says that I have to return to Madrid, which is what I said. I don’t think I mean to be disrespectful to anyone,”

“Real Madrid is my main club, as far as I agree, I am on loan at Tottenham until the end of the season. That is the plan so far; the reason I am leaving is because I want to play, to enjoy football,” Bale said, as quoted by Antara. Marca.

But that doesn’t mean that Real Madrid is the best place for the player. The Welsh winger plans to return to Real Madrid first to discuss his future with club management.

“It’s clear, as soon as the summer I will return to Real Madrid and we will start from there. I think the plan is to come back, if then I sit down with the agent and decide something, we will do it in the summer,” added Bale again.

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