Gary Neville critical of Marcos Alonso’s performance

Manchester United legend Gary Neville cast a scathing criticism on Marcos Alonso regarding the performance of the Spaniard when Chelsea were beaten by West Ham earlier this morning.

Chelsea face West Ham United in the Premier League continued at dawn earlier this morning (02/07). On the 32nd matchdays, the Blues who played as the visitors had to go home empty-handed after the defeat of the hosts 2-3.

Of course these results are very disappointing, especially since the Premier League rolled out again, Chelsea have never swallowed defeat. Not only that, the defeat could threaten the position of the Blues in the top four standings.

Actually, Chelsea had a chance to avoid defeat, but one minute before the fight was over, Yarmolenko managed to score the winning goal for the Hammers.

Meanwhile, the creation of this winning goal originated from a rapid counterattack scheme, and Marcos Alonso who was assigned to escort Yarmolenko moved very slowly through anticipation.

Gary Neville then criticized the Spaniard, he thought Marcos Alonso was very slow in anticipating the hosts’ counterattack.

“You see Yarmolenko back there with Alonso. Look at him, look at him, look at him, ”

“What did you do, Marcos Alonso? What are you doing? His speed, that is the fee Chelsea paid for this match, along with a poor piece of defense from Antonio Rudiger, “said Gary Neville.

The Manchester United legend believes that Marcos Alonso actually knew exactly that he should have directly assisted the defense once the counterattack scheme was launched.

“Marcos Alonso is level with Yarmolenko at the point where the counterattack starts and he doesn’t care. I mentioned it before, that’s why he is under pressure at this club. ”

“Frank Lampard will see that. Alonso should run back as fast as possible when the team loses the ball. You should have known that since you were six years old, “said Gary Neville.

Chelsea are not displaced from fourth position in the standings because of the defeat, but they are threatened with eviction of Manchester United and Wolverhampton. Because the two teams are only two points adrift of the top four.

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