Gattuso still not completely satisfied with Higuain’s performance

AC Milan’s coach, Gennaro Gattuso is still not satisfied with the performance of the club’s new striker, Gonzalo Higuain, despite the fact that the Argentine striker has scored two goals in the last three games played by the Rossoneri. According to him, there still needs to be the right service for the 30-year-old player to be able to perform optimally.

As is known, Higuain joined AC Milan in the transfer market last summer, through loan status from rival club Juventus. Of course, with the fact that the concerned appeared fertile together with Juventus as well as before Napoli, the player nicknamed El Pipita was expected to be able to perform brilliantly along with AC Milan.

At the beginning of the season, Higuain began to blend in with AC Milan’s style of play, he even scored two goals and one assist from the last three games played by AC Milan. However, the coach, Gennaro Gattuso claimed he was still not completely satisfied with Higuain’s performance. He hopes other players can provide the right service to the former Real Madrid player.

“In order to maximize Higuain’s quality, we need to lift our heads and divide the ball with the right passes. If we start by building too much momentum, Higuain will leave the area and look for the ball.”

“Right now, I see Higuain as the world’s best striker. He always scored goals in his career and we have to give him the right service. Suso needs to go forward to score goals too, because he has a good shot. He doesn’t have to run with the ball and look to give a crossing. Our biggest problem facing Cagliari was in the first 20 minutes, because something didn’t work between the back and midfield, presenting a gap in the middle.” said Gattuso.

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