Gennaro Gattuso denies Higuain’s requests to be sold to Chelsea

There are many rumors related to the future of Argentina striker Gonzalo Higuain at AC Milan, as the Juventus player is linked to the Premier League giants Chelsea, in the winter transfer market this year. One rumor claims that El Pipita has asked the Rossoneri to release him to Stamford Bridge before the transfer window ends this winter. But the news was quickly denied by coach Gennaro Gattuso.

Gonzalo Higuain, 31, actually joined AC Milan in the summer transfer market last year, after a loan deal from Juventus was reached for the next season. It’s just that, just half a year concerned costumed Milan, he has been linked to the Premier League giants, Chelsea. Actually, the Premier League giants have wanted the presence of Higuain at Stamford Bridge since last summer, following the arrival of coach Maurizio Sarri who used to rely on Higuain at Napoli, unfortunately an agreement was not reached with Juventus.

Even so, it is reported that Chelsea still have not finished their hunt for the former Real Madrid player, moreover the fact that the club currently does not have a striker who is sharp on the front lines, as Alvaro Morata has not been so good since being recruited from Real Madrid in 2016.

Higuain himself is believed to also want a move to Chelsea, but because until now there has been no agreement reached, the Argentine was claimed to have asked AC Milan to be released to Stamford Bridge. Hearing this news, Coach Gennaro Gattuso gave a firm rebuttal.

“I heard a lot of rumors about Higuain, but he practiced well, he was happy with his teammates, he was happy with everyone. For now he is available [against Juventus] and then we see later whether he will play. We need to understand what he wants to do, how to solve this problem. Regarding he’s a great actor, I’m not sure that. ”

“I saw him in our project, he could mix with all the teams. He is always joking. Sometimes he is like a radio, never stops. One last thing – he still hasn’t told me about his desire to move. I am still waiting. You know what I mean,” said Gattuso was quoted as saying by Sky Sports News.

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