Gerard Pique Officially Retired From Spain National Team

Barcelona’s mainstay defender, Gerard Pique is believed to ‘hang shoes’ from any international competition or decide to retire from the Spanish National Team, because he wants to fully focus on Barcelona in the rest of his career as a football player. This 29-year-old defender also claimed he already talked to the coach, Luis Enrique.

Actually, Pique had time to discuss his plan to retire from the Spanish National Team before the 2018 World Cup took place yesterday. Meanwhile, his words themselves are nothing, but criticism and ridicule from the fans of the Spanish National Team when he defended La Furia Roja’s squad.

Pique was indeed the subject of ridicule from La Furia Roja fans associated with his supports for Catalunya’s independence referendum from Spain over the past few years. However, his own official statement was told by Pique after the 2018 World Cup yesterday which was at the same time the last Pique tournament with the Spanish National Team.

“I talked to Luis Enrique a few days ago. He contacted me and I told him that the [retirement] decision had been taken for a long time and I had thought about it carefully. I had a wonderful time with this national team, where I had the opportunity to win the World Cup and European Cup. Now I want to focus on Barca, ” said Pique as quoted by Reuters.

Since undergoing his debut in the Spanish national team in 2009 ago, Pique already has 102 caps and scored five goals. Interestingly, four of Pique’s five goals in the national team were created in his debut year. During this period, Pique contributed to Spain’s success in winning the 2010 World Cup and Euro 2012 titles.

Thus, Pique followed the steps of one of his former colleagues in Barcelona, ​​Andres Iniesta who also decided to hang his shoes from the international stage after the 2018 World Cup yesterday.

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