Get arrested for Prostitution, mother of Hana Hanifah fell sick

Indonesian celebrity, Hana Hanifah was arrested by the Medan city police for alleged prostitution cases. Although in the end, she was only a witness, this case turned out to make her mother sick.

That fact was revealed by Hana in her YouTube channel. She said that her mother continued to cry when she heard the news that her daughter was suspected of a case of prostitution.

Her mother was the first person who really did not believe in these accusations, because she knew exactly how the attitude and nature of the child from childhood.

“I’ve told mama the truth and she believes me. She knows me very well, mama knows me the most,”

“Mama also thinks I’m not like that,” Hana Hanifah said while crying on the YouTube live.

Fortunately, these conditions did not last long. Now, Hanifah’s mother’s condition has improved even more happy, because Hana was at home.

“Things have improved. And no more shock,” Hana Hanifah said again.

Even though, it was confirmed that he was only a witness, the prostitution case which tarnished her name made Hana feel shocked. Therefore, until now she has not dared to leave the house.

Hana waits for her mental time to recover to work outside the house again.

“Because I don’t meet anyone, I don’t want to go anywhere. Need to calm down first,” Hana Hanifah explained again.

The case was detrimental to Hana Hanifah both materially and mentally, but the 23-year-old figure learned positive lessons from this incident.

Looking ahead, Hana claimed to be more selective in choosing friends and also job offers.

“Yes, I learn how to be wiser and be more careful in choosing friends. Because I’ve been thinking positively all this time, but it’s like this. So make it a lesson for the future,” Hana Hanifah concluded.

For information, when the raids were carried out by the authorities, Hana was seen being alone with a man with the initial R in the hotel room.

In fact, the authorities also found a contraceptive in the hotel room.

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