Get injured after returning to Madrid, Jovic Luka pretty depressed

Bad luck befell the new Madrid striker, Luka Jovic. When he arrived in Madrid, the Serbian player was injured. This made him feel very depressed, as told by his father.

Luka Jovic has indeed been confirmed to have been injured by Real Madrid via the club’s official website. It’s just that there is no certainty whether the Serbian will be able to return to play when the Spanish La Liga is rolled out again.

What is clear, Jovic suffered this injury while practicing independently at his residence, in the city of Madrid. Of course the news is surprising considering Jovic just returned from Serbia at the beginning of last week. He even went through the Covid-19 test before being allowed to return to his residence.

This situation makes Jovic feel depressed even frightened. His father, Milan Jovic said that the player was actually so enthusiastic to be back in good condition after quarantine for more than two months.

“He was depressed and a little scared. He prepared himself at his home in Belgrade according to the training program he received from the club and during training, he felt extreme pain, ”

“Who knew the injury could be very serious? He is preparing to be like never before, playing and being the best, and now this is happening. He needs to do a more detailed examination to find out how long he has to pull over, “Milan Jovic told the Courier.

Jovic himself was bought by Real Madrid from Eintracht Frankfurt in the transfer market last summer. Serbian players performed brilliantly with the German Bundesliga club, to the extent that Los Blancos was willing to spend 60 million Euros to recruit him.

However, until now the figure of 22 years old is considered still unable to meet public expectations of him. The public began to doubt the quality of Jovic, when viewed from his appearance so far.

Aside from being not often played by coach Zinedine Zidane this season, Luka Jovic also often suffered injuries. No wonder the injury this time, makes the player feel depressed, his age is still very young to go through difficult times like now.

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