Get sanctions losing to Juventus, here’s Napoli’s reaction…

Napoli experienced bad luck at the start of this season, they received a 0-3 defeat to Juventus after refusing to attend for Giornata’s 3rd match in the Italian Serie A last weekend. Not only that, Partenopei also received one point deduction.

For information, actually the Juventus duel against Napoli should have taken place on Sunday (04/10) local time at the Allianz Stadium.

Unfortunately at that time Napoli chose not to come to Turin, because they were prohibited from traveling outside the Campania area by the Local Health Authority following the increasing number of Corona Virus cases.

Prior to this, Napoli had indeed found that two of their players had the Coronavirus. The finding of this case was only a week after the match against Genoa, where Genoa itself found 14 of their players had contracted this outbreak.

However, the Italian Serie A disciplinary commission thinks that Napoli should still come to Turin to face Juventus. In other words, Gennaro Gattuso’s troops were considered to have no good reason not to attend.

As a result, sanctions imposed on Napoli, they received a harsh penalty in the form of a 0-3 defeat to Juventus and a point deduction.

Responding to these sanctions, of course the Napoli side did not remain silent, they planned to appeal because they felt it was not a punishment that should be given.

“SSC Napoli always respects the rules and the law. We are waiting for the cassation decision, confident that justice will be served,” wrote Napoli via the club’s official Twitter account.

In fact, the health authorities in Campania have issued a letter banning travel outside the region on Sunday afternoon, while Napoli have decided not to leave for Turin since Saturday.

In their statement regarding the matter, Napoli referred to the correspondence with ASL on Friday. This meeting was considered by the Serie A Disciplinary Commission to be insufficient to become a state of ‘force majeure’ and the match had to be postponed.

Meanwhile, on the one hand, Juventus intends to continue to hold matches. In fact, President Andrea Agnelli spoke with Aurelio De Laurentiis as President of Napoli regarding the match.

In his expression, Agnelli said that Juventus only obeyed the rules.

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