Get to know the early symptoms of Coronavirus on kids

Indonesian society is now raising awareness of the threat of the Corona Virus or COVID-19 outbreak. Naturally, the Plague had infected 689 people in the country as far as news was heard.

Therefore, in addition to protecting ourselves by using masks, routinely washing hands with running water and keeping a distance from those around us, we also need to know a few other things. For example the symptoms of this one outbreak.

Especially the fact that the symptoms seen in children will look different, not always coughing or fever. Well, here are the symptoms of Coronavirus on children.

1. Decreased appetite

It is common when a child is sick, so their appetite decreases. This is where the role of parents to monitor the condition of the child. In these conditions, usually also accompanied by fever and other corona symptoms.

2. Shortness of Breath

While the second is Shortness of Breath. Indeed, this is a common symptom that is seen in almost all patients suffering from the corona virus. In children too, too. Parents must pay attention to how their children breathe, whether difficult or not. Usually accompanied by colds and their breath sounds.

3. Not Always Accompanied by Fever

Symptoms of the corona virus in subsequent children are no symptoms of fever. This is what makes the corona virus very vigilant because the symptoms are very difficult to identify. The reason is, New Viruses like this usually give rise to new symptoms for children because their immune systems are different from adults.

4. Certain Symptoms Are Still Unknown

As said before, children have an immune system that is different from parents or adults. They tend to show different symptoms in the case of certain diseases, especially new viruses like Corona.

But one thing that is clear is that children will usually experience a decrease in their lung function as adults when exposed to this virus.

Thus the 4 symptoms that children show if contracting the corona virus. It is important to find out early so that they get the right care and treatment quickly. Faster, of course it will be better.

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