Getting ready! WhatsApp will stop working on these smartphone

Whatsapp is one of the applications to send messages or chat that is quite simple, free and without annoying advertisements, so it’s no wonder this application is widely used by smartphone users. Are you one of the Whatsapp application users? If true, then you have to get ready, because of certain cellphones, Whatsapp won’t work.

Recently, Whatsapp announced that it would stop supporting smartphones with certain operating systems. First is Window Phone which Microsoft has not noticed. Starting on 31 December 2019, Windows Phone users will certainly no longer be able to use this application.

For information, WhatsApp still supports the use of Windows 10 and even 8.1, the operating system which since 2017 actually has not received any updates since the last year.

If you plan to buy a Windows Phone or still use a cellphone with that OS, you should undo it. Because starting December 16, Whatsapp will delete their applications from the Windows Store. As for Windows 10, it will be deleted on December 31.

Reported by Neowin, not only Windows Phone, WhatsApp will also stop its services for older Android and iOS devices starting February 1, 2020. It’s just that the difference between the Whatsapp app and the older version can still work on the phone, unlike Windows Phone at all. cannot be used.

For the Android series, the version that will no longer get support from WhatsApp is the Android 2.3 or Gingerbread version. According to Google Play reports, currently the Android version 2.3.7 still includes 0.3% of all WhatsApp users. As for Apple’s iOS, iOS 7 version.

So, if you are still using these old phones and still want to use WhatsApp to the fullest, immediately update to a newer version. Then for Windows Phone users, of course have to move to iOS or Android devices. If indeed our phone does not support updating to newer android versions, please use Custom Rom, or stick with the older version of Whatsapp.

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