Giggs reveals he has not spoken to Zidane about Bale’s situation

As a tactician for Wales national team, Ryan Giggs is of course confused by the situation of one of his star players, Gareth Bale at Real Madrid. However, until now he admits that he has not spoken with Los Blancos coach, Zinedine Zidane.

The relationship between the former Tottenham Hotspur player and Real Madrid has not been good in recent years. What is based on this, because coach Zinedine Zidane seems unwilling to give Bale the opportunity to play regularly.

If in the end the 31-year-old man stays at the Santiago Bernabeu, then chances are that the situation will be the same next season.

No wonder, there are reports claiming that Real Madrid’s management wants to let him go. But until now, Bale has not budged.

Jonathan Barnett as the player’s transfer agent even said that his client wanted to stay at Real Madrid until his contract ran out. Please note, Bale’s contract at Tottenham will expire in the next two years.

Meanwhile, on the one hand, for the Wales National Team, Gareth Bale is one of their important players. The player’s situation at Real Madrid did not even make Giggs write off Bale for the UEFA Nations League match in September.

Speaking about this, Ryan Giggs admitted that he did not know anything about Bale’s real situation at Real Madrid. He has never spoken to Zidane directly, this is because he is not very good at French and Spanish, and vice versa.

“I have not spoken to Zidane. My French and Spanish are not very good. That is I do not interfere in that matter. I know that Zidane’s English is not very good, based on my experience,” Giggs told the media crew, as quoted from Marca.

Regarding to Bale, the Manchester United legend admits that he will move his condition and will speak with him during the training camp session.

“I’m just monitoring the situation. When Gareth arrives at the camp, I’ll talk to him as usual,” he said.

The last time Bale played was end of June in a match against Real Mallorca. He even only appeared for 71 minutes in the party.

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