Girlfriend feels sad with Rossi’s poor performance on MotoGP

The living legend who is still a career in the world of MotoGP, Valentino Rossi looks like he has slumped in this season’s edition along with Movistar Yamaha. Here Rossi is arguably having the worst moment in the MotoGP world career, unlike last season’s lap, Rossi is now really far from the champion.

Not to chasing Marc Marquez, but Valentino Rossi was confused in controlling his motorbike. This situation shows that Rossi has no match with his mount.

Indeed, Rossi’s negative aura was lost as he showed a sense of enthusiasm because he had acceleration in the Dutch MotoGP, although eventually he still failed to rise to the podium.

Rossi with nickname of “The Doctor” can only finish at 8th place, a result that further distanced Rossi from the temporary leaders, Marquez. Responding to what was happening, Rossi’s girlfriend, Francesca Sofia Novello tried to participate in the boyfriend’s sad mood.

For this reason, she tried to show her sadness in her personal Instagram account. In this post, Francesca seemed to be sitting alone on the edge of the cliff of Ibiza beach by showing a sad face as if she were thinking of Rossi’s fate on MotoGP.

Rossi really did not think why all this happened, he could only liken this situation to the problem when he had a girlfriend. The motorbike he uses is often equated with the girlfriend, which he calls sometimes difficult to tame.

“I think that being sad with motorbikes is the same as a girlfriend’s than a mother! Usually your mother always says yes and is always ready to help you.
While with a girlfriend a little more difficult. Sometimes there are no problems, but sometimes it’s difficult to deal with. So the relationship with me is more or less like that! ”Admitted Rossi in front of the reporter’s camera after experiencing a difficult time in this 2019 MotoGP round.

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