Gisele kissed Brady after winning his 6th Super Bowl

The 53rd Super Bowl League really brought a big surprise that succeeded in attracting the attention of the world, including celebrations carried out by two hot couples, Gisele Bunchen and Camille Kostek Brady who were immediately held onto the Mercedes-Benz Stadium, Atlanta, to celebrate the victory that is.

The party which was held on Sunday last weekend, the New England Patriots managed to beat the Los Angeles Rams 13-3 to win the 6th Super Bowl title in history. The happiness euphoria responded Gisele to immediately look for quarterback Tom Brady and gave him an intimate kiss.

Gisele himself was present at the final event, he was accompanied by two children, Benjamin and Vivien watched in the stands. Slightly back, Gisele and Brady were married from 2009. The name Gisele began to become famous when she got her status as a clothing model in Victoria’s Secret.

The success of the husband was not separated from the support of Gisele who was always present in the stadium to watch live New England matches. This title also made Brady the player with the most Super Bowl title collection.

“This achievement is very likely to be felt when some time later. Now I just feel very lucky to have the best teammate. I love them. “This is what makes this sport special,” said Brady.

Camille became one of the real witnesses of the achievement of the Patriots in the field. The Sports Illustrated model does not forget to share happiness with its fans on social media accounts by writing “It feels like kissing a champion.”

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