Gisel’s confession: Data from old smartphone come back

One of the famous lawyers from Medan, Hotman Paris, admitted that he had the arrival of a woman who had recently become a conversation among netizens regarding the nasty video case, Gisella Anastasia.

During the meeting, Gading Martin’s ex-wife admitted that she was shocked by the reappearance of data on her cellphone that had long been lost and deleted.

Hotman explained that Gisel had lost the cellphone three years ago.

“According to Gisel’s confession, the smartphone was given to her manager 3 years ago and she was deleted. Somehow it appeared. Gisel came to me personally as a friend,” said Hotman Paris.

Unfortunately, Hotman himself did not explain what data Gisel meant. What is clear, the confession of Wijin’s girlfriend is a question mark after the actress was recently hit by a sex video case similar to her.

Indeed, since videos like him were spread on social media, Gisel rarely spoke up. What is clear is that the police are still carrying out investigations and so far have arrested the two perpetrators who spread the video.

When the video appeared, Hotman Paris did comment, saying that the cast in the video nasty had to be careful because they could become suspects.

“There was an example of an actor singer AR and two girls LM and CB one of my clients”

“It turns out that there have been examples of court decisions not only spreading pornography that was exposed but also those who neglected to keep it so it was spread,” Hotman said in the November 10, 2020 Insert show.

Meanwhile, the police themselves are still investigating the female and male characters in the gisel-like nasty video.

The IT expert will be relied on for the investigation, plus one of Gisel’s friends whose identity is still secret.

“For this video, we will call it again specifically, yesterday IT has fulfilled all the elements, we will call the IT again. For the problem of this GA sister, we are still doing profiling,” said Yusri Yunus.

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