Give up – Klopp finally admits Liverpool need a new defender

After having insisted on being able to go through several matches without a number of his mainstay defender, coach Jurgen Klopp finally admitted that his team needed a new defender, and would immediately look for him in the transfer market this winter.

Liverpool are indeed experiencing a defensive crisis, where some of their mainstay players in this sector have suffered serious injuries and have to step aside, including Virgil Van Dijk.

Then there are several other names who have also stepped aside, so it’s normal for the Reds to be advised to find a new defender this winter. However, Jurgen Klopp had insisted that this was not necessary.

Unfortunately, the situation is even more complicated, Joel Matip, who appeared as a starter in the match against Tottenham this morning, also received an injury mid-match.

Joel Matip’s injury clearly makes Liverpool have to act in the rest of the transfer market this winter. Coach Jurgen Klopp, who previously insisted on signing players, has finally given up and changed his mind.

The German coach said that currently Liverpool are starting to think about the possibility of buying a new defender.

“We think about everything, as you can imagine. We think about everything all the time,” said the coach, Jurgen Klopp, after the match as quoted by Goal International.

Joel Matip’s injury automatically forced Fabinho to step down as a center-back, even though he was actually a defensive midfielder. At times, Klopp also assigned Jordan Henderson to step into the defense.

Indeed, Liverpool have a number of young defenders like Nathaniel Phillips, but they are not experienced enough to act on a big stage like the European Champions League.

This situation finally made coach Jurgen Klopp oblige the club management to recruit new defenders in the remaining time of the transfer market this winter.

“We are trying to do the right thing and we have to do it. I’m not being picky, but I have to find the right one. We still have players, but it’s amazing to see what happens in defense,” he concluded.

Joel Matip himself is certain to miss the match against West Ham United in the Premier League next weekend.

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