Dapat Ancaman Pembunuhan, Kendall Jenner Pindah Rumah

Got Threats of Murder, Kendall Jenner Moves House

Beautiful model Kendall Jenner is rumored to have just left her residence in West Hollywood to move to a new residence whose exact location is not yet known. Kendall’s decision was inseparable from the terrible tragedy that befell her.

For information, the 25-year-old woman was reportedly given permission to report the detention of Malik Bowker, who was known to have planned to kill him after he was caught buying illegal firearms.

Not only that, recently there was also a 27-year-old man who somehow entered Kendall Jenner’s residence in West Hollywood.

Indeed, there was no dangerous behavior by the man, he just took off his shirt and then swam in Kendall’s swimming pool. Even so, the man was still secured by the authorities because he entered someone’s house without permission.

Reporting from TMZ, it was stated that Kendall had decided to move to an unknown location. The residence contains a number of fully armed security personnel.

There was news claiming that Kylie Jenner’s sibling was planning to sell her house in West Hollywood, but the news has not been confirmed by the related parties to date.

The police document also stated that Malik is currently being treated with a psychiatrist at a hospital in Los Angeles.

Luckily, Malik’s evil plan to shoot Kendall Jenner dead did not happen, but the police still warned Kendall Jenner to be vigilant because Malik could be free in the near future.

In an interview, Kendall Jenner admitted that she did not know who the figure of Malik was threatening her and the reason why she was the target of the man’s plan.

However, this is not Kendall Jenner’s first experience, in 2018 she was also the target of a stalker named John Ford. In fact, this man had also made it into Kendall Jenner’s house three times.

“And what do you think if people know where my house is? Because you publish not only photos but also my location (house). It’s more than just unsafe, it’s not one fraction of the privacy we want?” he wrote blaming the TMZ.

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