Guardiola hasn’t felt the aura of the UCL Champions at Manchester City

Lots of efforts have been made by the Premier League giants, Manchester City to become a big club, since their ownership was taken over by a wealthy conglomerate from the United Arab Emirates in 2008. Bringing a number of star players is one of the shortcuts they do to get success. Of course, the European Champions League is one of the targets that Citizen dreamed of right now, but the manager, Pep Guardiola claimed he had not felt the aura of the Champions League champions in his team.

Yes, since officially taken over by Khaldoon Al Mubarak in 2008 ago, Manchester City has truly evolved into one of the best Premier League teams. Every time the summer transfer edition opens, they always bring one to five star players to strengthen themselves. As a result, a series of domestic titles were won by Citizen, including three Premier League titles including.

Of course, Manchester City also crave a more prestigious title, such as the European Champions League for example. They have made a substantial investment by bringing in a number of new players in the transfer market to be able to talk a lot at the annual event. In fact, they also recruited former Barcelona successful coach Pep Guardiola in the summer transfer market two years ago.

But in fact, Manchester City always had difficulty talking a lot in the annual campaign. Related to this, coach Pep Guardiola himself argued that the aura of the European Champions League candidates he had not felt in the body of Manchester City for the past two years has won the Premier League giants.

“We need encouragement from everyone who is part of Manchester City that we can win the Champions League title. But in fact, we haven’t felt that encouragement from the fans.”

“I feel that we are a good team, a great team. But you need something special to be able to win the Champions League. Unfortunately, until now I still don’t feel it. One thing that is certain is that we are getting closer every season. Life goes on, if you fail this season, you can try again next season. Sooner or later, we will win the Champions League,” said Pep, as quoted by the Daily Star.

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