Guardiola responds to Mourinho’s condemnation of City’s ban lift

Manchester City coach Pep Guardiola spoke out about Jose Mourinho’s condemnation of CAS’s recent Financial Fair Play sanctions.

As is known, Manchester City was indeed threatened could not participate in European competition in the next two seasons. UEFA imposed sanctions on the Premier League giants after being found violating the rules of Financial Fair Play.

Of course the Manchester City feel do not accept the sanctions, they immediately appealed to the CAS or the Court of Sports Ethics. After a fairly long process, CAS finally granted the appeal submitted by the Premier League giants.

In other words, the transfer embargo sanctions and ban on playing in Europe in the next two seasons have been officially lifted, but City still have to pay a fine of 10 million euros.

Who would have thought, the lifting of this sanction would raise the pros and cons of several parties. Tottenham’s manager, Jose Mourinho, called it an embarrassing decision. He felt strange because sanctions were lifted but fines were still imposed.

Regarding the response of the former Chelsea and Manchester United coach, Pep Guardiola also reiterated that his team had never committed a FFP violation. In fact, the former Barcelona coach said that City deserve an apology.

“What we have done is correct. Jose and all the managers should know that we were harmed too. We should get an apology, “Guardiola told the BBC.

Obviously this revocation made the Spanish coach admitted very happy. From the start, Pep had never doubted that his club really had a problem and was confident they would succeed in fighting for it.

“I am very pleased with this decision, which shows that everything people say about this club is not true and maintains what we have achieved on the field,”

“As I said many times, if we make mistakes we will accept UEFA and CAS’s decisions because we are wrong. We can defend ourselves. We have the right to defend ourselves when we believe what we are doing is right.” He continued.

With the sanctions lifted, Manchester City will automatically not lose some of their star players who were initially thought to be uprooting.

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